'Ove / Back of Book Scripts #15

A List of Scripts, of the Inspiring Sort.

☂ Song of Harlem, Happy Tuesday.

A few updates here.

Our next soak circle on Sunday, April 21 will be in - person in Harlem, and will be our last for a few months. Please let me know by reply if you can make it. We'll gather at 3pm.

As I've shared in the past, I've been managing with end-stage kidney disease for a couple of years now. Over the last few weeks, I learned that I am approved to receive a kidney transplant.

In this coming May, I will enter surgery for the transplant and have been getting ready for that, and the recovery thereafter. And thus, in the spirit of wellbeing, we will be slowing down our newsletter and circle for the next three to four months.

We'd like to see these first fourteen letters as a first set of essays, a beginning. We cap out this set of scripts with a poem that you'll see below.

My prayer is to love gently, heal well, heal fully, write often, and walk steadily.

  • I will still take orders of body butter for yourself or community groups, and you can do so here.

Today's letter is a poem that I wrote during an oracle-making, and spiritual adventuring project with blkcowrie 🌺. Please like, share, & comment below.

With love,


’Ove by Nzingha Hazelton

Where her name oracle,

Be her name guide.

Where her name wise one,

Be her name no lie.

’Ove, can you hear me?

Where her name Tetris,

Be her name Philodendron.

Where her name fungi,

Be her name no tender.

Where her name ginger,

Be her name sorrel.

Where her name lemon,

Be her name no sorrow.

’Ove, can you hear me?

Where her name Philos,

Be her name Nettie.

Where her name porridge,

Be her name no dumpling.

Where her name marshmallow,

Be her name burdock.

Where her name raspberry,

Be her name no lavender.

Where her name rain,

Be her name thigh.

Where her name robe,

Be her name no tie.

’Ove, can you hear me?

Where her name Odu,

Be her name I-Ching.

Where her name Iris,

Be her name no Papyrus.

Where her name Delphi,

Be her name Ifa.

Where her name Sybil,

Be her name me people.

And we out,


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