Back of Book Scripts #10

Back of Book Scripts #10

A List of Scripts, of the Inspiring Sort.

The Moon as captured via telescope by @johnofalltrades in Jasper, a municipality of Alberta, Canada

Full moon is in WOLF today, let's go!

Song of Harlem - happy Thursday,

  • Our site is back up! You can reach it for now at Still making a few changes to it, but wanted to share with you all.
  • On Sunday, Feb. 4, Yamoussa Bangoura will be hosted by the Lehman Center for Afrique en Cirque! Please check out more on that here.
  • The Fire This Time Festival is happening this week. Find out more about that here.
  • Our next soak circle will be ONLINE and will take place on Sunday, February 25. Please join us by registering here.
  • The Tenement Museum in NYC is showing an exhibit featuring the history of Joseph and Rachel Moore, a black family with roots in the free Black community of Belvidere, New Jersey to the family’s migration to New York City. More info here.
  • The Spike Lee exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum closes on Feb. 4!
  • Arrangement for Cde. Viola Plummer will take place this Friday and Saturday in St. Albans, Queens. Please find more info on that here.

We've got today's letters below.


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Blueberry & Raspberry Shortcake

Be back with you soon,


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Jamie Larson